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Custom Epoxy Floors with 3D Effect

Custom Epoxy Floors with 3D Effect

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» Waterproof customized Phototapet with 3D effect

Hidden doors with doorknobs

Doors hidden withing the graphic context of the design
Each project is built in a unique style,based on the measurements provided by the client and optimised resolution wise, so that the final work can generate an exceptional visual impact.

A unique personalized design created with any type of graphic art, for any kind of surface or geometrical format.



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» Waterproof customized Phototapet

Invisible doors, with pivot

Invisible doors, with pivot

Invisible doors, with graphic design on
both surfaces!

The graphic design is perfectly adaptable for both surfaces. The graphic elements have a integral continuity, regardless of the door's position.

In context invisible doors

In context invisible doors

Both the wall's and the door's surfaces are presented withing the same graphic context. The transition between the ceiling and the wall is very natural, the graphic context generating the unitary effect.

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