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Epoxy Training Concept Design Solutions

Epoxy Training Concept Design Solutions

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Epoxy Training - 2017 Bucharest

3D Epoxy Training - Bucharest

Event organized between the 15th - 18th of February 2017
The event took place at ROMEXPO and it had a limited number of participants. During the seminar there were presented a series of surface preparation steps, epoxy and polyurethane systems application methods and also techniques of creating the 3D effect floors.


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3D Epoxy Training - RO

Event organized in April 2017
The event was organized in Romexpo in the period 24 th - 27 th of April 2017.
During the event the techniques of preparation of the support layer were presented (floors),
how to apply the 3D effect material, and details of sealing layers.

Epoxy Training solutions

The performed activities!
The participants have prepared work surfaces, learn how to measure the necessary amount
of materials and apply different epoxy and polyurethane solutions.

Epoxy Training

Find out what will be the next event organized by the CDS team.
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Based on the number of requests coming from our territorial representatives, we organize application of 3D Epoxy systems courses, in any European city.
The events are announced on our site at least 20 days in advance.
To stay informed about the dates and locations of our events, we recommend you complete the application form.

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