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Distributors 3D effect Systems

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Territorial distributors offered by Concept Design Solutions for the 3d systems

Unique designing systems, completely customized, for ceiling, walls, floor and others.
Out of the desire to develop the distribution network for the products that Concept Design Solutions SRL company provides custom-made, we offer you this informative guide, completely dedicated to you, distributors, which will help improve our collaboration during each of its steps.

Both companies and/or freelancers which work in the design, constructions, architecture, interior architecture fields can represent The Concept Design Solutions SRL products in order to advertise and resale them.

Concept design Solutions SRL creates unique designing systems, completely customized, for ceiling, walls and floor. All the orders are retrieved online, exclusively through our developed platform and/or e-mail.

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The advantages offered by Concept Design Solutions SRL:

Training for our developed technologies (application/ installation),

Granting of certified profession training,

Over 15.000 graphic designs, organized after the 3 types of decor,

Full support for the designing/editing and execution of the orders,

Advising on all the aspects of the ongoing process of each order,

Full access to all new planning concepts which will be added to the offer,

* Forwarding the flow of customers generated by the ongoing advertising channels,

* Official agent status in your city and brand representation with all the benefits included,

* Direct contact through our website, as an official representative of our company.

The details marked with asterisk (*) can only be applied appropriately, according to the status of the collaboration established with Concept Design Solutions SRL.
Please review the requests/attributions that are necessary to establish a “Territorial representative” type of partnership.

What are the attributions of a distributor in relation to each client:

1) The working area surface must be thoroughly checked (ceiling, wall, floor).

A. Accurate measurement will be taken, advising the client about the choice of the graphic theme.

B. Checking the working surface appropriately: the quality of the base layer, the evenness of the base layer, the humidity of the base layer, other details depending on the type of set-up (space’s temperature, temperature of the substratum, etc).

C. A written-record will be prepared to confirm the measurements given by the client in the initial order, by comparison with the actual ones.

2) The distributor will invoice the installation services, (by case) and/or the materials that define the order, after the analysis of the project is made together with the project manager of Concept Design Solutions SRL.

3) The distributor will apply/install the systems after the order is delivered directly to the client or to the Concept Design Solutions SRL representative’s center.

Technical support through phone is limited, priority being given to the approved Concept Design Solutions representatives.
We are answering to all requests sent through our online contact form and/or e-mails.

If your profile matches with our desired distributor profile we encourage you to contact us to establish our future type of partnership.

We are happy to answer to any of your questions.  info [at] conceptdesignsolutions.eu



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