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Custom Wallpaper Wall and Ceiling Concept

Custom Wallpaper Wall and Ceiling Concept

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» Customized Phototapet in graphic context

Waterproof customized Phototapet

Personalized phototapet extended on multiple walls
All offered solutions (final products) are created, edited and produced in our own studio. Our products are prepared/designed using exact measurements, for the surface to be decorated, using the graphic design chosen by the client.

Personalized, unique design that uses any kind of graphic model, for any kind of surface (wall / walls).


Personalized waterproof phototapet for walls and ceiling

Cocept design - personalized phototapet on walls and ceiling
The decorating of the plane surfaces within the interior space with waterproof personalized phototapet. The graphic design is unique and 100% personalized.



» Waterproof customized Phototapet

Phototapet 3D

Phototapet 3D

Any kind of graphic theme, any scale!
The image develops on 3 dimensions. The
depth of the graphic effect, the wall's plane
surface and an applied element.

Invisible doors

Invisible doors

Both the wall's and the door's surfaces are presented withing the same graphic context. The transition between the ceiling and the wall is very natural, the graphic context generating the unitary effect.

Invisible doors with doorknob
Invisible doors without doorknob



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