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Concept Design Solutions

concept design solutions


» Customized epoxy floors with 3D effect

Customized epoxy floors with
3D effect

Customized epoxy floors with 3D effect

Ornamental epoxy floors with 3D effect
Each project is built in a unique style based on the measurements provided by the client and optimized resolution wise, so that the final work can generate an exceptional visual impact.

A unique personalized design created with any type of graphic art, for any kind of surface or geometrical format.

Customized epoxy or polyurethane floors with 3D effect for indoors or outdoors.


» Waterproof customized Phototapet

Customized 3D Phototapet

Customized Phototapet

Any kind of graphic theme, any scale!
The image exhibits 3 dimensions. The depth of the graphical effect, the flat surface of the wall and an attached item.

Unique interior design, conditioned only by imagination !

Epoxy floors with 3D effect

We’ve eliminated the baseboard!

Floor and wall within the same graphical context. The transition between the wall and the flooring is done consistently, the graphical theme generating the seamless effect.

Luminescent epoxy floors with
3D effect

Luminescent epoxy floors with

This type of design complements the simple 3D epoxy systems by creating a luminescent effect , either on the entire surface of the floor or only partially, without using any kind of traditional energy source.

A unique customized design using any type of graphic art , for any kind of surface or geometrical format. This type of illumination can be applied either under the graphical context or over it, based on the chosen pattern, transforming the surface of the decorative flooring in a source of lighting for any space, during the night.


100% Customized ceilings

Customized ceilings

Photoceiling – 100% customized ceiling
The design system using photoceiling gives a wide range of possibilities for the space which defines the surface of the ceiling and also allows the decor to have a continuation on the surface of the wall/walls, if needed.

Invisible doors

Invisible doors!

Because there are situations in which the doors need to be included in the overall design.



April 2016 - Warsaw,Poland
Training organized between the 11-4 of April
Epoxy tehniques classes
 Application of leveling layer
 The installation of the 3D effect
 Types of topcoats

Application tehniques
 Luminous systems
 Metaleffect - any texture

March 2016 - Bucharest, Romania
Training organized between the 4-6 of March
Epoxy tehniques classes
 Preparation of the work surface
 Application of leveling layer
 The installation of the 3D effect

Application tehniques
 Luminous systems
 Metaleffect, "martian" design
 Luminous floors

Concept Design Solutions la Ambient EXPO - Construct EXPO

Concept Design Solutions presence at Ambient EXPO - Construct EXPO, the 7th-10th of April 2016. Exhibit of the 3D effect epoxy floors for the first time in Romania, during a fair.

Photofloor concept

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